Setting Up Your SIM

Before you travel it’s important that your SIM is set up correctly.

Firstly make sure you have purchased the correct size SIM and that your phone or tablet is unlocked, meaning not locked to one particular network. Your local provider can help you unlock your device.

Then you need to activate your SIM. Click ‘Activate SIM’ on the homepage and enter the 19 digit number found on the front of the SIM card surround or the reverse of the SIM chip itself.

You’ll then be asked to fill in some user details and finally to choose the make and model of your phone.

We’ll then provide you with your personal phone number and automatically text you the data activation settings.

Now, insert your SIM into your phone or tablet and switch it on. The code to unlock your SIM is four zeros. Make sure that you pick up a local network and you are all ready to go.

We recommend you test all services before you travel and familiarise yourself with the features of your SIM.

Where can I buy Woolworths Mobile Global Roaming SIM?

Which type of SIM card do you require?

Standard or Micro SIM

  • Visit our online shop here
  • You can also purchase these items from any Woolworths store
  • Our SIM card is a dual SIM and the MICRO SIM can be snapped out of the standard SIM if needed

Nano SIM (Apple I-Phone 5 series or I-Pad Mini only)

  • Visit our online shop here
  • Nano SIMS cards are not currently available to purchase in store

What delivery option should I choose when buying Woolworths Mobile Global Roaming SIM on-line?

The options available are dependent on which country you are having the SIM delivered to and when you are travelling.

Ensure that there is sufficient time for delivery to be made before you travel

Delivery to Australia

  • Standard Courier (5 business days), $7
  • Australian Express (2 business days), $12

Delivery to New Zealand

  • New Zealand Express (2 business days), $15

UK & Europe

  • UK & Europe Express (5 business days), $15

Rest of the World

  • International Express (5 business days), $35

What Payment methods can I use?

We accept:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • PayPal

How to set up the service on an Android Device

For the full Android phone setup guide click here.

How to set up the service on an iPhone

For the full iPhone setup guide click here.